About Damar Charter Academy

Damar Charter Academy is a groundbreaking charter school dedicated to defining and implementing best practices for the public education of children with special learning needs in grades kindergarten through 12. It represents Indiana's first public charter school to provide intensive, individualized, educational programs and behavioral support services to students with autism and other intellectual and developmental challenges.

Sponsored by the Mayor of Indianapolis' Office of Education Innovation, Damar Charter Academy promotes the achievement of high educational standards and the full academic, behavioral, social, independent living and vocational potential of its students.  It is designed to meet the criteria for excellence identified by the mayor's office and adheres to the standards established for public schools in the state of Indiana.

Through its innovative programs and highly qualified teacher and staff, Damar Charter Academy offers parents a much needed, free educational choice for their children with special needs.

The school opened in August 2011 to serve a maximum of 150 students in grades K-12.

Damar Charter Academy believes:

  • Every child, regardless of his or her ability, deserves the opportunity to experience learning and the feeling of success.
  • The teacher and student relationship should be positive and uplifting.
  • Parental insight and involvement are essential components of student learning and success.
  • The progress of each child is evaluated by measuring their educational and social growth. Student achievement is measured by analyzing data, educational assessments and staff and parental observations.

Damar Charter Academy provides:

  • A loving, nurturing learning environment where students with autism and related challenges can achieve their fullest possible potential.
  • Academic instruction in highly individualized programs to inspire students to strive for excellence and feel equal among peers.
  • Social, independent living and vocational skills development to promote greater independence and enable students to feel a sense of belonging, purpose and accomplishment.
  • Language/communication skills development through a total communication approach, using verbalizations, sign language, augmentative devices and visual supports.
  • An enriching learning experience that encourages student interest in learning.

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