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Who can help our students achieve success?

In a word: Anybody.

As a charter school, we have the freedom to implement educational programs and support services with creative, out-of the box approaches that promote measurable and meaningful student growth and achievement. But simply having the opportunity isn’t enough.

Federal and state funding for public education provide for traditional school activities, it simply doesn't cover the cost of other needed items like assistive technology, special therapies and supplies that improve educational experiences and outcomes for our exceptional learners.

Although rewarding, serving students with special needs is challenging. It requires us additional special services and activities, and a strong commitment from parents, teachers and others to enable our students to grow and succeed.

We need your commitment, too.

Please consider making a charitable donation to the school in support of the deserving students we proudly serve.

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Click the green button to make a donation online or download, complete and print the Mail-In Donationform below and mail your gift to:

    Damar Charter Academy
    5125 Decatur Blvd., Suite D
    Indianapolis, IN 46241
    Telephone: 317.455.2400
    Fax: 317.455.2447

For more information about the many ways you can support Damar Charter Academy, please contact the school at 317.455.2400

Donations to Damar Charter Academy are managed by Damar Services, Inc. Both the School and the Agency are registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations, and donations are tax-deductible to fullest extent allowed by law.

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